People You Should Know About: Khaled Kasab Mahameed

mahameed2.jpgIn a previous post, I forwarded a bit of cynical humor regarding the recent Holocaust denial conference in Iran. Now I’d like to share with you one remarkable side story from that event which was not widely reported by the press.

Khaled Kasab Mahameed is an Israeli Arab lawyer who has opened a Holocaust memorial museum (the Arab Institute for Holocaust Research and Education) in his hometown of Nazareth. Mahameed, a Muslim, is devoting his life to educating Arabs about the history of the Holocaust – an understanding he believes is key to establishing peace in the Middle East.

Mahameed was scheduled to attend the conference in Iran and was hoping to use this unique forum to further his mission. Alas (not surprisingly) his visa request was denied by the Iranian authorities at the last moment. (Yes, you got it right: we’ve now gone from ultra-orthodox Jewish Holocaust deniers to a Muslim Arab Holocaust museum curator…)

I’d say Mahmeed’s courage represents at least one small redemptive story in the midst of this whole sorry affair. Here’s a recent piece about him and the conference from the Jewish Forward. For further reading, check out this May 2005 article from the Boston Globe.

4 thoughts on “People You Should Know About: Khaled Kasab Mahameed

  1. Wandering Jew


    I’m very pleased to have found your blog, and I look forward to reading it regularly. As a long-time reader of Radical Torah, I’m also excited to know you’ll be posting there as well. If you know of other blogs written from a “Reconstructionist perspective” . . . um, whatever that is, I’d appreciate your letting me know…


    Wandering Jew

  2. nancy fuchs kreimer

    Thank you for this, Brant. I am always looking for encouraging stories. I was so excited about this one, I went to the Boston Globe article you linked with. There, I found more about this remarkable man, along with a not so encouraging(although predicatable)piece of news.

    “The Anti-Defamation League blasted the new museum in Nazareth for what it said was an anti-Israel theme that undermined the museum’s educational message. Laura Kam Issacharoff, codirector of the Israel office of the League, who issued the critical statement, said she had not visited the exhibit and based her assessment on Mahameed’s website.”

    I wish I could stop giving money to the ADL, but unfortunately I already did that a number of years ago.

    Thanks for your blog, Brant.


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