Another Shandeh for the Goyim

toaff01g1.jpgWhat’s the Jewish brouhaha du jour? A new book by Italian/Israeli historian Ariel Toaff (right) that claims there may be some historical truth to the medieval blood libel (i.e., the claim that European Jews murdered Christian children and used their blood to make matzah on Pesach.)


Apparently the book has now been pulled from shelves following – fancy this – a torrent of international criticism.

And if all that isn’t surreal enough for you, then check out the Ha’aretz editorial with the priceless title (I kid you not), “And Supposing They Did Drink Blood?” (I just love one reader’s comment: “Is This a Purim Joke?”)

1 thought on “Another Shandeh for the Goyim

  1. Bobbie

    Brant, you beat me to it. I put aside an article and the Ha’aretz follow-up story for you. Also noted that same Purim comment. Thanks for the Forward link. It goes into more detail about the author’s claims than what I had read.


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