Death Grip in Gaza

_42932989_funeral_ap.jpgAs the agony occurring in and around Gaza increases, the most helpful analysis I’ve yet read is “Who’s at Fault?” by Dr. Gershon Baskin of the Israel-Palestine Center for Research and Information. (I’ll spill the beans: there’s enough blame to go around…)

(Today) we still keep saying there is no partner. Palestinian leader Abbas is indeed weak, but instead of repeating this as if the State of Israel was not at least partly responsible for his weakness, we would do well to quickly grasp that his weakness does not serve us, and that Israel’s actions only serve to further weaken his constantly deteriorating status.

Proof of this is the situation in the Gaza Strip: Israel argues that Abbas controls tens of thousands of uniformed police officers, who fail to curb the Qassam rocket attacks. Is that indeed the case? His loyalists have not been paid regularly for more than a year now. The Palestinian Authority’s government system has collapsed a long time ago. Gaza Strip residents live without any personal or social security. They can see neither political nor economic horizon. Radical elements pay every boy willing to fire Qassams at Israel NIS 250 (roughly USD 60.) The Gaza smuggling, and we are not only talking about arms, helps many make a living. Gaza residents have almost gotten used to the occurrences of abductions for ransom. There is no law and order. Private militias are being established on a daily basis. Perhaps Israel does not bear direct responsibility for this situation, yet it is certainly a direct result of its policy…

Click here for the entire article.

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