It’s Pronounced “PUTS!!!”

7205.jpgDid you know that one of the best relief pitchers in the major leagues is named JJ Putz?

That’s right: Putz is the closer for the Seattle Mariners and he’s currently tearing up the stat book. He has more saves (29) than base runners (28) in 46 1/3 innings. He’s also given up just one run in a save situation, has no blown saves and the best ERA in baseball.

Want to read more? Here’s a recent article from entitled (I kid you not) “Putz Putting up Cy Young Numbers.”

1 thought on “It’s Pronounced “PUTS!!!”

  1. Ian

    That reminds me of the book Underneath the Grandstand by Seymour Butts. Keep up the great comments, Brant. It’s always a joy reading your latest entries!


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