Labor Day and our “Judaic Legacy”


One of the best pieces I’ve read about being Jewish on Labor Day is this article from The Jewish Advocate by David Dolev of the New England Jewish Labor Committee. As the rabbi of a congregation that is currently building a new synagogue facility, I was especially appreciative of his closing paragraph:

Let us remember all of these things on Labor Day. The next time we need to build an addition to our synagogue or hire a janitor for our institution make sure that those we hire receive fair wages and benefits. In that way we can use our economic capacity to empower workers, support real social change, and fulfill our Judaic legacy.

Hear, hear! Labor Day is indeed a welcome reminder of what the legacy of the labor movement should mean to the 21st century Jewish community.

2 thoughts on “Labor Day and our “Judaic Legacy”

  1. Edie Canter

    I was at a Bar Mitzvah Saturday at a Reform congregation in Homewood. Rabbi Ellen Dreyfus gave us all a lovely reminder about how “labor” affects us all, as she asked us to think about all the people who labored to make the building in which we were sitting, the houses in which we live, the books we read, the clothes we wear, etc. It’s so easy to forget the unknown people who makes our lives what they are.


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