Gutting it Out in NOLA


Our second and final day of work has finished – our respective groups came very close to finishing the gutting of our two houses in the Gentilly neighborhood of New Orleans. This was a true workout – using crowbars, hammers, sledgehammers, and sometimes just our own hands to peel off moldy drywall, haul out household possessions, and strip the houses down to their wooden skeletons. The pics above and below gives you some idea of what the work looked like. The second pic down shows the final product: nothing left but the wooden studs. By the end of the day, we were exhausted, sore and bathed in sweat, but all of us were filled with a tremendous feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. (Who knew that slamming a sledgehammer into old drywall could be so therapeutic?)

When we finished, each of us wrote our names and a message on the wooden interior frame (see the second pic from the bottom) before closing out with a short prayer. That’s me and JRC member Jerry Herst in the bottom pic. If you look over our heads, you’ll see a makeshift street sign. That’s right, our house was on Hope Street…





2 thoughts on “Gutting it Out in NOLA

  1. Hallie

    Thank you to all of the JRC members who are participating in Tikkun New Orleans. Your committment and hard work shows that JRC not only “talks the talk, but they walk the walk,” as well. Kol HaKavod!


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