Emergency in Tabasco

An enormous humanitarian crisis continues to unfold south of the border. Since the beginning of November, the state of Tabasco, Mexico has been hit by widespread flooding due to steady rains – currently, more than 80% of the state is completely flooded, leaving thousands homeless.

Recent reports from the Red Cross indicate:

– The evacuation phase of the operation has ceased

– Over 1 million people have been affected in Tasbsco and neighboring state, Chiapas

– Mexican officials estimate it will be another two to three weeks before water levels recede

– An estimated 70 percent of Tabasco’s capital city, Villahermosa, remains under water

– An estimated 80,000 people remain in 365 official and unofficial shelters

– The flood has resulted in widespread destruction of homes, building, infrastructure, agricultural crops and livestock.

True to form, the mainstream media briefly glanced in the direction of Tabasco before resuming their coverage of Britney, Paris and OJ. Meanwhile the crisis has been growing to tragic truly proportions. (The immense scale of this disaster can be clearly viewed in the clip above.)

For in-depth information, check out this post from the blog, Global Voices. To contribute to ongoing relief efforts, click here.

1 thought on “Emergency in Tabasco

  1. El Enigma

    … soy uno de los citados en Globalvoice y si puedo decir que aun queda mucho por hacer aunque el gua esta cediendo, la reconstruccion menciona en cifras oficiales 20,000 millones de dolares.

    … I am one of the mentioned ones in globalvoice and is left much to do, the governors say we need 20 billions dolars for reconstruction.

    El Enigma (from Enigmatario.com)
    Nox atra cava circumvolat umbra


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