Global Giving

If you are in need of sources for holiday gift giving or end-of-the year tzedakah, I’m recommending GlobalGiving– a terrific resource that describes itself as the eBay of online giving. Their concept is brilliant in its simplicity: over 450 pre-screened worldwide grassroots charity projects post their causes on their website. Givers can research causes by topic or geographic location and make a direct tax-deductible donation. GlobalGiving ensures that 85-90% of each donation is on-the-ground within 60 days and has an immediate impact. They also send out regular updates to givers to inform them what a difference their gifts are making and to demonstrate the results that have been achieved. (Click on the YouTube clip above for a quick GlobalGiving tutorial.)

Just scrolling through the NGOs listed on the site is an inspiration in itself – incredible organizations doing important, critical work in the areas of Human Rights, HIV/AIDS, the environment, Sustainability, Gender Equality, etc. I never fail to be amazed by the sheer number of good people doing great work in the world…

3 thoughts on “Global Giving

  1. Anne

    I too love this site. I find it the perfect gift for all the people you want to remember over the holidays–teachers, caregivers, service personnel, friends, etc. Recipients have again and again told me how thoughtful a gift at GlobalGiving is, and they love going on the site to see how their gift keeps on giving. Seeing all the devastation in Bagladesh right now is a timely reminder of how precious life is and how our small gifts can literally rebuild lives.

  2. Laurie

    Once again I’m slow on the uptake with my comment, this time due to holiday travel. That’s okay, I just wanted to thank you for featuring this site. I’m glad to know of another organization that inspires hope. Yes, there are a lot of needs but there are many people trying to do something about it both on the ground and through donations. I will be adding my donation shortly.


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