Mothers’ Merit

images6.jpgAs the book of Exodus opens, it is difficult not to notice that the bravery of women is the primary theme: the bravery of the midwives Shifra and Puah in defying Pharoah’s decree to execute Israelite baby boys, the bravery of Yocheved in saving Moses from death, the bravery of Pharoah’s daughter by rescuing Moses from the Nile, the bravery of Miriam, who reunited Moses with his mother and his people. Just one chapter into our story, it becomes clear that if it were not for Zechut Nashim – “the merit of women” – the Exodus story wouldn’t even make it out of the starting gate.

If you’re still looking for a year-end tzedakah, consider making a contribution in honor of this week’s Torah portion. I’m recommending Madre – the venerable org that works for the justice, dignity and human rights of women worldwide.

Another Exodus is born anew…

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