We Can Work It Out

beatles_narrowweb__300x3710.jpgDid you know that The Beatles were scheduled to perform in Tel Aviv in 1965, but Israeli government leaders nixed the tour for fear the Fab Four would “corrupt” Zionist youth?

Well, me neither. But get this: Israel is now trying to atone for their, shall we say, “ill-advised” decision. According to news reports, Israeli Ambassador to Britain Ron Prosor was expected to meet with John Lennon’s sister at The Beatles museum in Liverpool and to present her with an official letter of apology from the State of Israel.

Click here for the lowdown…

2 thoughts on “We Can Work It Out

  1. Laurie Goldstein

    Brant, how in the world do you find these stories? Israel and the Beatles in one blog post? What’s next, chocolate and peanut butter? Come Together indeed!

  2. Shirley Frank

    Well, in that very year, 1965, I visited a kibbutz where I had relatives and volunteered to do some work in the fields – Zionist that I was. There happened to be a group of students there from England. At night I hung out with them and delighted in their playing loud Beatles music, which I sort of sensed was a somewhat naughty thing to be doing. But I didn’t know why – till now! Ha!


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