Stop the Clash of Civilizations

I was so pleased to read that that brilliant “Stop the Clash of Civilizations” (above) has just won “Best Political Video” in this year’s YouTube awards. (It says a great deal that a clip about global activism can win this award during an American election year.)

“Stop the Clash” is an impressive video, but the organization that produced it is even more so. is a new online movement that works as a kind of global – their weekly e-mail alerts and online petitions allow members around the world to promote change for a variety of critical issues including global warming, Mideast Peace and the recent conflict in Tibet.

According to their website,

In just one year, we’ve grown to over 2 million members, and have begun to make a real impact on global politics. The Economist writes that Avaaz is poised to deliver “a deafening wake up call” to world leaders, the Indian Express welcomes “the biggest web campaigner across the world” and Nobel Prize winner Al Gore says “Avaaz is inspiring, and has already begun to make a difference.”

I’ve had Avaaz on my blogroll for some time – I encourage you to consider becoming a member.

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