Same Great Taste!

As you can see, I’ve shaken up the design of the blog a little bit because, well, for no real reason actually. Other than the outward look of things, it’s the same ol’ Shalom Rav.

BTW: I’ve also acquired a new and easier domain name: But don’t worry if you’ve bookmarked the old address – that one will still lead here as well…

4 thoughts on “Same Great Taste!

  1. Shirley Gould

    What’s with the pensive picture and the dark background? Doesn’t look like the Rabbi Brant that I know.

  2. Laurie Goldstein

    I must concur with Shirley on this one. See what your family thinks . . . I seem to remember the last time you changed your blog picture they had some insightful feedback.

    Perhaps you can look through your extensive assortment of PR photos for an alternative? Kidding.

    I do like the fresh look of the blog overall.

  3. Rebecca

    I’m with the G. gals, Shirley & Laurie, on this one. Blog design is good, crisper somehow, but I’ve seen many better photos of you. But, it is your blog and hopefully you’ll get bored soon and change it to a less ‘arty’ one.


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