How to Observe Memorial Day

Rabban Shim’on ben Gamli’el said, “On three things the world stands: on justice, on truth, and on peace.” Rav Muna said, “These three are one thing: Where justice is done, truth is done and peace is made. Every place there is justice, there is peace.” — Talmud, Derekh Eretz Zuta, Chapter 2

What does it mean to observe Memorial Day if you (along with the majority of Americans) oppose the continuing war in Iraq? How might we honor the memory of the fallen in a war that most of us believe never should have began in the first place?

Here are a few suggestions:

– Visit the powerful traveling exhibit “Eyes Wide Open” which continues to make its way back and forth across the US. If it’s not landing near you any time soon, look through the extensive resources on their website and/or click the trailer above.

– Visit the website of Veterans Against the Iraq War. Read the soldiers’ blogs and learn more about how to support this important organization that supports the troops but opposes the war.

– Check out Veterans for Peace – a veteran’s network that is sponsoring memorials and events across the country. (The VFP recently made the news when it was shamefully denied permission to participate in the upcoming Memorial Day March in Washington DC.)

– Visit the website of Winter Soldier and watch their collection of eyewitness accounts from soldiers, veterans, scholars, and journalists about the reality on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hope your Memorial Day is more than BBQs and discount sales this year…

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