Hitchin’ a Ride on the Hagee Train

Pastor John Hagee’s outfit, Christians United For Israel is gearing up for their annual summit next month, and if you need to be reminded of just how troubling CUFI’s views are, check out journalist Max Blumenthal’s video report on last year’s summit. It includes the truly horrifying testimonials of Hagee’s followers – and the even more horrifying sermons of Hagee himself. (It’s all there on the clip above – trust me, this is a must-watch).

One of the most disturbing developments of the CUFI story is the increasingly cozy relationship between Pastor Hagee and Connecticut Senator Joseph Liberman. Anyone close to a news source must certainly know that Lieberman’s friend John McCain recently repudiated Hagee’s endorsement when he learned of a particularly noxious sermon in which the good pastor opined that God sent the Holocaust in order to get the Jews to emigrate to Israel. What is truly puzzling is that while McCain has called Hagee’s views “offensive” and “indefensible,” Lieberman (who is himself married to the daughter of Holocaust survivors) continues to support Hagee – and is in fact the KEYNOTE SPEAKER of the upcoming CUFI summit. (In the clip, Lieberman actually compares to Hagee to Moses and refers to him as an “Ish Elohim” – a “man of God.”)

If you’d like to urge Senator Lieberman to cut his ties to the Hagee wagon, I encourage you to sign this petition from J Street. You can also check out Max Blumenthal’s blog for more analysis and great links on this issue.

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