Face 2 Face

From this week’s Torah portion, Parashat Naso:

May God’s face rise up to greet you and bestow peace upon you. (Numbers 6:26)

When does God’s face rise to greet us? When we find the wherewithal to turn our faces to one another.

Click on the clip above to see a demonstration of this principle in action. Visit the Face 2 Face website to learn more.

4 thoughts on “Face 2 Face

  1. Anne Watson

    It was very well done. Yes, we are all truly children of God no matter where we originate. In every religion there is a truth. Combined as a whole, in lies the truth and eventually we will all see that. There is beauty in everyone, even in distortion, we must recognize and appreciate this beauty – each and every day! Amen ^i^

  2. tasithoughts

    Great concept and thought provoking. Silence the voices and and just meet together face to face. It makes the scriptural reference powerful. What a mechanism for peace and understanding. Thank you!

  3. Tom Moseley

    As a member of Jewish Voice for Peace this is a great inspiration, especially since it’s on the website of a Rabbi in the Midwest! Gives me great hope that a just solution can be found for the Israeli/Palestinian misunderstanding – for want of a better word.

    Also, if I can put in a plug for Jewish Voice for Peace, if you’re Jewish and believe that Israel should abide by its obligations under international law and UN resolutions requiring it to relinquish all land taken in ’67, you should consider joining – it’s probably the most credible progressive Jewish organization today, and was recently commended by Jimmy Carter and Desmond Tutu. Check it out:



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