Armageddon at Wrigley Field?

I was at the Cubs game this past Monday, where midway thru the 5th inning Wrigley was evacuated due to heavily severe weather and a tornado warning. After huddling with the masses in the concourse, watching the wind howl down Addison, we dashed over the El and hightailed it home.

What should we make of this? As a Reconstructionist rabbi, I’m loath to suggest it, but could this be a sign from God, perhaps? The Cubs are indeed on a tear (altho they did lose the “tornado tournament” to the Astros) – if we dare suggest this could be their year, does this mean that Armageddon is close at hand?

The clip above should give you a great idea of Monday night’s fireworks…

1 thought on “Armageddon at Wrigley Field?

  1. Bill Martin

    I was there too Brant! I was with a guy who lived at Sheffield and Belmont, so we scooted out to his place and made it just as the storm struck. I have been to *many* games at Wrigley, and sat through numerous rain events, but this was the the all time winner. It is amazing they got the field in shape to even resume for a while. The new turf and drainage system must really work well

    Bill Martin


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