Tyra Banks: Friend of the Working Man

In a previous blog post I discussed the Congress Hotel strike in Chicago, America’s longest running labor strike at five years and counting.  The saga unfolds: it turns out that none other that “America’s Next Top Model” was prepared to cross the picket line when they announced they would be holding auditions at the Congress this Sunday.

In response, UNITE HERE, along with the Jewish Council on Urban Affairs and other community groups organized a massive call-in campaign to Cover Girl (a major sponsor of ANTM).  And guess what?

The waters parted! Today we learned that ANTM was pulling out of the Congress. Apparently Cover Girl Marketing Director Vince Hudson’s voice mail and e-mail inboxes were filled within minutes. Auditions will now be held at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, a union hotel.

I guess sometimes the good guys really do win. Kudos to ANTM for doing the right thing. And let’s hear it for the power of organizing…

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