My First Iftaar

Last night I was honored to participate in my first Iftaar. (Am somewhat ashamed it has taken me this long…)

It took place at the home of Dr. Shakeela Hassan, one of my fellow board members on Hands of Peace (a wonderful local coexistence organization about which I’ve written before). After our meeting we were invited by Shakeela and her husband Zia to stay for the traditional Ramadan break-fast. Many of us on the HOP board (which is made of Jews, Christians and Muslims) fasted during the course of the day in anticipation of the evening meal. At sundown we shared some dates and fruit juice, participated in evening prayers (led by Shaykh Abdool Rahman of the Islamic Foundation of Villa Park) and enjoyed a delicious Iftaar meal.

A memorable and moving experience for us all. I’m hoping for another Iftaar invitation soon…

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