Stay Tuned for McCain’s Courageous Mideast Peace Plan…

Hoping against hope that a McCain administration would take the lead in the Mideast peace process?  Don’t even bother. At a weekend retreat hosted by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, two McCain advisers indicated that a McCain presidency would have more pressing foreign policy matters to attend to.  According to a recent JTA report:

(McCain adviser Max) Boot said pursuing an Israeli-Palestinian deal would not be a top priority in a McCain administration, adding that as many as 30 crises across the globe require more urgent attention.

I’m pretty curious to know the list of 30 crises that somehow rate “more urgent” than the longest-running conflict in the Mideast that continues to contribute to insecurity for Israelis, misery for Palestinians, and ongoing instability for the region…

(Russia’s alarming proximity to Alaska, perhaps?)

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