Liberation in the Maldives!

In the midst of a largely trivial news barrage, I’m betting this one will pass under our country’s media radar:

The South Asian country of the Maldives has held their first multi-party election and has elected political activist (and former Amnesty International prisoner of conscience) Mohamed Nasheed (right) to be their new president. This effectively ends the repressive 30 year rule of Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, who had previously been Asia’s longest serving leader. Gayoom has conceeded the election and promises a peaceful transition of power. From today’s BBC News:

To his supporters Mr Nasheed is a latter day Nelson Mandela, overcoming the hardships of prison to secure an inspirational election win against the odds.

For a small country like the Maldives, this one is huge: all who work for human rights and liberation should find strength upon hearing news such as this…

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