One Glorious Night in Grant Park

I was blessed enough to attend the Obama victory fete in Grant Park last night. When we got word that the election was called for Obama, we made our way through the crowd, past the stunned, weeping and jubilant. We were palpably aware that the entire world had their eyes on our little patch of grass in downtown Chicago. Truly a glorious, transcendent night…

Here are some iPhone pix of me, my wife Hallie, my younger son Jonah, and over 70,000 others celebrating history in the making:





5 thoughts on “One Glorious Night in Grant Park

  1. i knew you’d be there and was scanning the crowd for your faces! as one of the ubiquitous emails in recent days said;” Rosa sat so Martin could walk, Martin walked so Barack could run. Barack ran so our children could fly.”
    time for a shehechianu………………………..

  2. Carol and I were there too and caught up in the moment. Truly inspirational and emotional. What a wonderful crowd of 70,000 of our closest friends! And also as it is being said, “Now the work begins!”

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