Immigration Reform by Pesach!


Here’s an new Jewish community immigration initiative you need to know about: “Progress by Pesach.”

PBP has brought together an impressive coalition of diverse Jewish orgs to urge the Obama administration and Congress to make meaningful progress on compassionate immigration reform by April 2009.

There’s a variety of components to this campaign. Here’s the jist, from their sample letter to President Obama:

Our Jewish faith scripture tells us to “Welcome the Stranger” with love and compassion. However the singular focus on aggressive enforcement of outdated immigration laws creates a sense of fear and animosity between communities and the law enforcement that serves them. The policy of relying on raids and enforcement tactics as the sole means of controlling immigration has clearly failed.

The suffering caused by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids in homes and workplaces underscores the problems with current U.S. immigration policies and the urgent need for reform. Please work to ensure our country sees progress in the direction of humanitarian immigration reform in time for Passover, in April 2009.

Check out the Progress by Pesach website for the specifics.

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