Happy Darwin Day


In honor of Charlie’s 200th, I call your attention to the Clergy Letter Project – a series of interfaith letters signed by nearly 12,500 clergy from around the country affirming the compatibility of religion and evolutionary theory.

An excerpt from the rabbi letter (I’m a proud signer):

The Bible is the primary source of spiritual inspiration and of values for us and for many others, though not everyone, in our society. It is, however, open to interpretation, with some taking the creation account and other content literally and some preferring a figurative understanding.  It is possible to be inspired by the religious teachings of the Bible while not taking a literalist approach and while accepting the validity of science including the foundational concept of evolution.  It is not the role of public schools to indoctrinate students with specific religious beliefs but rather to educate them in the established principles of science and in other subjects of general knowledge.

If you’re looking for ways to evolve your spirit even further, you should know that the Letter Project has designated Feb 1-15  as Evolution Weekend. Check out the link above to see if there are any particpating congregations near you.

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