Tam Tam Conspiracy Deepens


Loyal readers of this blog will doubtless remember my report last Pesach on the now infamous “Tam Tam crisis.” Though this year we’ve been assured by Manichewitz that there will be more than enough Tam Tams to go around, I confess I was alarmed when I saw this strange new packaging that now reads: “Passover Crackers.”  Even more cryptically, the crackers are described as “Lightly Salted Tam Tams.”

Passover CRACKERS?!! Tam Tams are now a mere qualifier to “Passover Crackers?”  What’s up with this?  Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I think there’s something very wrong going on at Manichewitz. Until we receive some kind of explanation, I’d say it’s highly premature to declare an official end to the Tam Tam crisis.

(That’s my super sleuth dog Miles above, attempting to get to the bottom of this latest Pesach mystery…)

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