Passover Awakening


Some final Pesach thoughts: a pic, above, from my front garden and a Passover reading from Kol Haneshamah, the Reconstructionist siddur:

Once we were slaves; now we are free.

On this festival of freedom, we celebrate liberation’s redemptive power:

– the awakening of the earth after winter’s dormancy and the first fragile shoots of green thrusting forth from the cold prison of the ground

– the Hebrew’s hearts awakening that led to marching out of slavery’s shackles, and the stirrings of the human heart when the bells of freedom ring

– the awakening of my own heart to how I can transform myself and my world, and the looking beyond toward a vision we can share –

of liberation, of redemption, of peace.

(David A. Teutsch)

1 thought on “Passover Awakening

  1. Ruth Rosen

    Finally I have caught up with your blog thoughts. Amidst the horrors of world news, it’s healing to view your front garden. Thank you.

    Ruth Rosen


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