+972 = Invaluable Israeli News Source

I’ve long felt that the most important and critical news out of Israel comes from on-the-ground Israeli bloggers such as Joseph Dana, Noam Sheizaf and Didi Remez and others. That’s why it’s such great news to learn that the best of these bloggers have now gotten together and are jointly publishing an English language web magazine called +972.

According their About Page,

+972 is an independent, blog-based web magazine. It was launched in August 2010, resulting from a merger of a number of popular English-language blogs dealing with life and politics in Israel and the Palestinian territories, as well as the the wider geopolitical context. The magazine’s stated purpose is to offer a fresh, on-the-ground perspective and analysis of the rich and unexpected cultural and social life in this region. +972 is jointly owned by its authors.

The name of the magazine is derived from the telephone area code that is shared by Israel and the Palestinian territories.

How awesome to get all of these amazing, incisive reports in a single destination!

Here’s what I think you need to do: bookmark +972 right now and check in regularly.

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