Young I/P Activist Blogs You Need To Read

Though I obsessively follow Israel/Palestine news through a myriad of online sources, I’m increasingly finding that some of the most important and resonant reports come from the blogs of young activists who work for justice in the Occupied Territories.

One such fine young person is Beth Miller, who grew up in my congregation and whose blog, Ya3ni, I’ve touted here before. Just check out Beth’s description of her experience at an Israeli checkpoint last July.  I’d say the simple humanity of her post conveys more about the I/P reality than any number of wonky political analyses.

Another young activist whose blog I’ve just discovered recently is Morgan Bach, who writes from Al Aqaba – a Palestinian village in the Jordan Valley under demolition order by the Israeli military.  The astonishing clip above resulted when Morgan handed her video camera to a very young Palestinian in the village of Bil’in – the site of weekly nonviolent protests against the Separation Barrier.

I’ll let the young interviewer and interviewee take it from here.

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