The Sacred Handiwork of Poetry Pals

This past week I had the pleasure of visiting the Muslim Community Center school (MCC) in Morton Grove, IL to witness an inspiring session of Poetry Pals in action.

PP is a non-profit that brings children together from diverse and interfaith communities for partnership, expression and friendship through poetry, spoken word, music and art. At this particular workshop, fourth graders from MCC, Solomon Schecter Jewish Day School and Sacred Heart Catholic School gathered together in the MCC gym. After a brief learning session and tour from the principal, they came back together to get to know one another by engaging in a variety of creative poetry writing exercises.

So simple and yet so very powerful.  With news about religious intolerance blaring at us from every corner, I wish I could start every day this way: watching children wearing hijabs, kippot and Catholic school uniforms talking, playing, laughing and writing poetry together.  I am so grateful to PP founder (and JRC member) Donna Yates for inviting me to witness their sacred handiwork.

Local efforts such as Poetry Pals are eminently worthy of our support. Click here to do so.

5 thoughts on “The Sacred Handiwork of Poetry Pals

  1. Carlos Yantorno

    Dear Rabbi Brant: I always read first any Shalom Rav messages in my e-mail box. They are always so inspiring and reaffirm my belief that it is not religion, “race” or culture that cause trouble in this world, but rather intolerance, greed, selfishness and arrogance, among others human flaws.
    Shabbat shalom from Argentina!


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