Check Out The Real Iron Lady

From what I can see, there are plenty of articles and reviews of the new Meryl Streep flick “The Iron Lady” touting her performance as Margaret Thatcher and emphasizing Thatcher’s victories in the man’s world of British politics. Too few, it seems to me, are actually taking any kind of look at Thatcher’s actual policies – and questioning whether or not this is a person we should be holding up as a feminist icon.

Before you see the film, please read this excellent piece by Laura Flanders for The Nation. Key line:

Today, in a new time of budget wars, The Iron Lady’s depiction of draconian cuts as feminist guts is chilling. What Thatcher called “harsh medicine” meant one thing for the poor and another for the very powerful then, and it still does. In both instances, there is hell to pay in social fabric.

2 thoughts on “Check Out The Real Iron Lady

  1. Wendy Carson

    actually i was going to see this movie.but after reading about their portrait of ms.Tatcher as a sympathetic character did not move me to seea woman who was quite brutal even if Meryl Streep was lplaying her has no historical accuracy,

  2. Steve Hinman

    Words that sound good to a reader of The Nation probably probably sound very different to a poor person in one of the nine Eurozone countries that just had their country’s debt downgraded. If only they could have had some tough, Thatcherite leadership in years past probably sounds pretty good to them right about now.


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