Judaism Beyond Zionism: Toward a New Jewish Liturgy

Introduction In the spring of 2015, I helped to establish a Jewish congregation, Tzedek Chicago, motivated in part by a desire to create a religious space for those in the Jewish community who did not consider themselves to be Zionists. The founders of the congregation articulated this intention openly, in a core value we called […]

The People of Susiya Return

This morning the Palestinians of Susiya returned to their original home, if only for a brief moment. Khirbet Susiya is a village in the South Hebron Hills where until recently, Palestinians lived for at least a century. The people of Susiya originally┬álived in caves and maintained a simple agrarian life, cultivating fields and shepherding their […]

For Passover: Exodus Without Eisodus

In honor of Passover, I’d like to share an excerpt from article I’ve recently finished that attempts to articulate a Jewish Theology of Liberation. The longer piece will hopefully be published soon – in the meantime, I offer this snippet to you as “food for thought” for your seder table. All the best for a […]