JRC Construction Diary #8

The frame of our new building is now complete. Take a look at the three pictures below: the top one shows a view of the site looking northeast. The middle picture shows an eastward view. (See the raised ceiling on on the third floor? That’s our sanctuary/social hall!) The bottom picture shows the signed beam (see previous diary entry) bolted into place in the second floor landing of the main stairwell.




2 thoughts on “JRC Construction Diary #8

  1. chessdad64


    Thanks for these updates. I drove by last evening for the first time in a while, and even in the dark of the cold night, it look quite impressive.


  2. Janie

    I agree. Thanks so much for these updates. We’re in Tucson enjoying seeing the building go up as if it’s down the block. Too bad we couldn’t virtually sign the beam!



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