2 thoughts on “Ta’anit Tzedek: Our JPost Reponse

  1. Josh Mark

    I’m heartened that the Jerusalem Post indeed printed the excellent response by Rabbis Brant Rosen and Brian Walt, to the right wing diatribe of Ta’anit Tzedek by Rabbi David Forman!

    The sad fact is though, these vicious attacks aimed at evoking an emotional and primitive response of fear and hatred, attract the a lot of attention. At the very least they sow some seeds of doubt in many people, who may not be totally informed.

    I take some solace though, for as I read the history of the early years of our democracy in the US., the political realm was filled with yellow journalism, slander, and outright misrepresentation. This is just a part of the sloppiness of democracy and a free press. -All the more reason to respond to it with the vigor and intelligence as you both have done.


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