Update: Good News From Tent of Nations!

This just in from Daoud Nasser:

Dear Friends of Tent of Nations all over the world,

Our Lawyer appealed to the Israeli Supreme Court to stop the demolishing of our renovations which is planned to take place this coming Sunday or Monday. I believe, because of all the pressure and the reactions from all of you through writing letters to your governments and to the Israeli officers, the Supreme Court of Israel granted an injunction to stop the military from taking any demolishing actions until the Supreme Court takes a decision. The military authority was given 60 days time to send their objection to the Supreme Court. This means that we will have to go for a trial in the Supreme Court.

We, and with all your prayers and support and with the help of your advocacy letters, managed to freeze the demolishing orders and to bring this case to the Supreme Court. It is a victory for justice even if it is a small one for now but it is a victory.

I want to thank you for all your prayers, for the many E-mails  we received from you and for the solidarity visits. I will keep you updated about the development of this case in front of the Supreme court.

Our efforts together made a difference.

Thank you for your friendship.

Blessings and Salaam,


4 thoughts on “Update: Good News From Tent of Nations!

  1. Shirin

    That is good news indeed, and just when we needed some very much, too! Let us remain aware, and be prepared to apply more pressure when the time comes.

  2. Rev. Hugh R. Stone

    It was very encouraging and uplifting to read of the temporary success in halting the destruction of the buildings at the Tent of All Nations.

    We will continue to pray that the spirit of justice prevails.


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