Stay Tuned for Posts from Israel/Palestine

My next several posts will come from Israel/Palestine, where I will be traveling with 17 members of my congregation.  Our itinerary has been designed so that we can explore I/P from a decidedly different vantage point than your average synagogue trip.  I plan to blog as much as I can so please check in regularly for updates!

4 thoughts on “Stay Tuned for Posts from Israel/Palestine

  1. Sally campbell

    Dear Rabbi Brant Rosen, My husband Michael McNamara and I read your blog regularly and will be following your journey with great interest and support. We are Canadian non-Jewish members of JVP, a mediator and architect respectively. Michael came to Canada as a war resister during the Vietnam era, and I lived in the States then working for a peace group in Philadelphia. So our roots and values around peace-making go back a bit.
    Thank you so much for your courage and leadership around Israel/Palestine.
    We consider this conflict to be at the crux of most of the other battles going on.
    What is said and how the issues are framed matter greatly and you seem to have found a way with clarity and heart. Many say this issue is too “complicated” to discuss; you are one of an awesome group of leaders who help us find the words, frame the issues, and model the way forward through our actions.
    thank you and travel safely. we’ll be reading! sincerely, Sally Campbell


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