Illinois Senate Abolishes the Death Penalty!

Amidst all of the talk of our nation’s violent political rhetoric, here’s a ray of light:  the Illinois senate voted yesterday to abolish the death penalty in our state!  In other words, they took a stand against “state-sponsored” violence.

The bill now goes to Governor Pat Quinn, who has not indicated yet whether or not he intends to sign. Illinois residents: contact Governor Quinn now and let him know you want Illinois to be the 16th state to strike down the death penalty!

One thought on “Illinois Senate Abolishes the Death Penalty!

  1. Shirin

    Wanted to comment, however belatedly, that I am truly thrilled to see that Illinois is about to join the civilized world. I only wish my supposedly uber-liberal state would do the same.

    One day the United States may become a civilized nation, and if it has to happen one state at a time, then that is what we will work toward.


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