Illinois Senate Abolishes the Death Penalty!

Amidst all of the talk of our nation’s violent political rhetoric, here’s a ray of light:  the Illinois senate voted yesterday to abolish the death penalty in our state!  In other words, they took a stand against “state-sponsored” violence.

The bill now goes to Governor Pat Quinn, who has not indicated yet whether or not he intends to sign. Illinois residents: contact Governor Quinn now and let him know you want Illinois to be the 16th state to strike down the death penalty!

1 thought on “Illinois Senate Abolishes the Death Penalty!

  1. Shirin

    Wanted to comment, however belatedly, that I am truly thrilled to see that Illinois is about to join the civilized world. I only wish my supposedly uber-liberal state would do the same.

    One day the United States may become a civilized nation, and if it has to happen one state at a time, then that is what we will work toward.


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