3 thoughts on “This is What Liberation Looks Like

  1. Susan Johnson

    Children are our future….what a video…power, hope, confidence, determination, leadership, respect, excitement ….all radiating from that child’s face….His demand for freedom was heard….and answered. God bless him, his future and the future of free Egyptians…they’ve given birth….liberated their country. It’s amazing! We should all see the world through that little boy’s eyes.

  2. Robert Stebbins

    Hurrah! for those brave citizens who, at great personal risk, demonstrated for freedom! Now it is time to organize to secure a better future for all the peoples of the region. Americans know that there will always be a need to struggle for freedom from those forces who pursue their selfish goals at the expense of the rest of us. Maintaining a responsive democracy requires our continual efforts.

  3. Dave

    Er, uh,

    Reality: Egypt right now is a military dictatorship.

    Okay folks, you can now go back to whatever world you were living in. If you want to call this imaginary world ‘Liberation’ go ahead.


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