Chicago Hyatt Propaganda – The Workers Respond!

I’ve written about my support of the Hyatt hotel boycott in the past – now here’s a powerful way you can learn about the issues at stake.

Not long ago, Hyatt Chicago produced a slick film entitled “An Important Message to Our Valued Employees” (above) that cynically smears the the Chicago Hyatt workers’ union (Unite Here Local 1). Among it’s many uses, apparently the film has played on an continuous loop in the staff cafeteria, where employees are compelled to watch a professional actor slam their union, claiming that Unite Here has a “a national agenda” that “nothing to do” with them.

Now Unite Here has produced a response (below). In addition to being a hilarious satire of the Hyatt video, it contains important history and context to the Hyatt workers struggle. I encourage you to watch the Hyatt clip first and then click on the one below. Despite the tongue-in-cheek nature of their message, the workers’ video provides an important reminder of the daunting challenges working women and men are facing in the current national climate.

Check out the Hotel Workers Rising website for the latest news on the Hyatt boycott nationwide.

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