Sukkot Sacrilege: House Votes to Gut Food Stamp Program

It’s Sukkot – the Jewish harvest festival in which we acknowledge the fragility of our lives and invoke God’s sheltering presence. How sad and ironic, then, that the US House of Representatives voted on this very day to slash $40 billion from the federal food stamp program (known as SNAP). An act of sacrilege on any day but on this day in particular.

As I mentioned in my Yom Kippur sermon, the House Republicans know full well that these draconian cuts will never be passed by the Senate or signed by the President. But don’t be fooled – this is clearly a ploy to try and pressure the Senate into make even deeper cuts than the ones they have passed already.

Click here to read Feeding America’s extensive report, “Fact, Myths and Realities on the Food Stamp Program.”  Then please click here to sign a petition urging the House to “end its quest to stigmatize and traumatize poor people.”

I frankly can think of no more sacred gesture this Sukkot season.

3 thoughts on “Sukkot Sacrilege: House Votes to Gut Food Stamp Program

  1. Ilene Carson

    Signed and shared.I find it interesting at the amount of people I know who shop at whole foods considering the statements made by the has become a class action .Rich or comfortable go to whole foods so they can by organic food that is priced way out of reach for most.think about we go to whole foods except me and so many cannot even get enough from food stamps to feed a family let alone by organic.Food healthcare are know the new hostages in Washington.Makes your stomach kind of sick.


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