JRC Construction Diary #22


The Jerusalem stone has now been completely installed. The work this past week has now shifted to the main stairway on the south side of the building. The above pic shows the main stair risers that were installed last week. The stair pans (into which precast concrete will be placed) will be welded in place over the next few days. After the stairs are installed, the main exterior glass wall will set into place (likely late September or early October).

The pic below shows a view of the first floor interior – the reverse side of the stone wall – facing east toward the chapel. The big opening on the right side is a gift shop display case which faces the main office.

The next picture down shows us the north wall, which is the only exterior wall that is 100% finished with cypress siding. We are waiting for our last delivery of wood, which will allow us to finish the remaining three faces of the building.

The bottom pic shows the metal studs which have been installed on the first and second floors. The electricians are “roughing in” the conduit for outlets and switches and drywall will be added to the walls over the next couple of weeks.



2 thoughts on “JRC Construction Diary #22

  1. Shirley Gould

    I must confess that my heart starts to go pitter-patter when I look up the blog and find the fabulous pictures of our new building. The very idea that we can have a real gift shop is exciting. I keep discovering things that I didn’t know, and it makes me so proud to be a member of JRC!

  2. Jerry Blaz

    Shirley,I when I saw your name on the comment, my heart went pitter-patter, because I recall when you came over to JRC. I always liked to feel that I had some influence on your decision. I remember you in many instances in our now distant past, but it was only a couple of eye-blinks ago, wasn’t it?

    Your old friend,


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