JRC Construction Diary #21


While we were away in Israel these past two weeks, there was some nice progress on the building, though I am told the exterior work went somewhat more slowly because of some recent heavy rains. The pix above and below show the extensive work on the Jerusalem stone wall that runs along the south end of the building. This aspect of the project has been been critical as the workers cannot begin work on the main staircase until it is complete. The third pic down gives a good view of the cypress siding on the north wall, which has now been completed. They have also almost finished setting up the studs for the interior walls on the first and second floors (see bottom pic).

Looks like more rain is coming this week – thankfully we’re almost finished with the exterior work at this point…




One thought on “JRC Construction Diary #21

  1. Yesterday, Aviv and I drove by to see the new synagogue for the very first time. Even though it was raining, we could see how beautiful the outside was going to look. Your photo above shows the Jerusalem stone much better (of course) than the architectural drawing. While I’ll miss being in the city (I have an irrational fear of suburbs) and the easy drive to Shaar Tikva, I’ll be happy to enter into this wonderful new building!

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