Where is the Outrage?

One who is able to protest against a wrong that is being done in his family, his city, his nation or the world and doesn’t do so is held accountable for that wrong. (Talmud, Tractate Shabbat)

As we are currently marking an Iraq War “double-milestone” of five years and 4,000 American military dead, I decided to click on Jews Against the War – the coalition that was launched exactly one year ago. Much to my dismay, I found that the website no longer existed.

What is sadder is that I’m not that surprised. Why should the Jewish anti-war movement (such as it is) be any different than the rest of the anti-war movement, which is essentially in a shambles? I know that there are many reasons for this. I prefer not to analyze them now. I am just so very sad that this horrible anniversary has passed by with nary an ounce of public protest. While most of us who oppose the war are channeling our energies toward a Democratic victory this November, the truth remains that this war will be with us for some time – unless a mass movement of outrage decides differently.

If you’d like to do something, anything, to mark this anniversary, click here to sign an open letter to Congress, calling upon it to:

– Stop funding the war and give the Pentagon only enough money for the safe and orderly redeployment of US troops out of Iraq

– Support a diplomatic offensive – as recommended by the Iraq Study Group – to build a comprehensive solution involving many countries

– Stop funding the construction of permanent military bases in Iraq and military contractors

– Refuse to fund any permanent “security agreement” between President Bush and Iraqi President Maliki unless first approved by Congress and the Iraqi parliament.

And meanwhile, if you are looking for a little outrage to spark your activist conscience, click above for a recent, spot-on Keith Olbermann commentary.

2 thoughts on “Where is the Outrage?

  1. Aryeh Cohen

    Brant, thanks for turning to us on the anniversary of the Iraq tragedy. While our website is temporarily disabled for technical reasons, we actually had two demonstrations against the war to mark the fifth anniversary of the invasion–one in Los Angeles and one in Knoxville, TN. (if you want to post them, we have pictures) We are very much here and aren’t going away until the war is over.
    bvirkat shalom,

  2. Aryeh Cohen

    I should have been clearer–“us” is Jews Against the War, and I am one of the founders.
    kol tuv,
    Aryeh Cohen
    Jews Against the War


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