This Just In: Fackenheim’s Grandson Declared Treyf

Sitting down? According to a recent Jerusalem Post report, Yossi Fackenheim, grandson of famed theologian Emil Fackenheim (right) has had his conversion revoked by a Jerusalem Rabbinical Court judge. This is the same Emil Fackenheim, mind you, who survived the Holocaust and who famously urged Jews to transmit their heritage lest they grant Hitler a “posthumous victory.”


Apparently Yossi’s mother was not Jewish at the time of his birth, but she later converted. He himself was converted as well at the age of two by an orthodox rabbinical court in Toronto. Now that he is seeking a get, however, the Jerusalem court is declaring him treyf because he was too young to have made a “conscious decision” to convert and because he “never adhered to an orthodox lifestyle.”

If all this isn’t surreal enough for you, check out this priceless eyewitness report of the court proceedings:

(The) judge began to ask Yossi what he does for a living. Yossi told him that he was a Shakespearean actor. The judge responded that Shakespeare was anti-Semitic. We all thought he was referring to a Merchant of Venice. There was an attempt to convince him that in other plays Shakespeare came off as philo-Semitic.

But we quickly realized that he was not referring to Shakespeare’s work. He said that all goyim are anti-Semites. Then he turned to Yossi and said, “you aren’t Jewish either.” The implication was clear.

Oh what fools these mortal rabbis be…

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