We’re Not Muslims! (Not That There’s Anything Wrong With Them…)

Here’s a sure sign that American Islamophobia has officially sent us through the proverbial looking glass.

From the WashPo blog:

A Christian church in Phoenix has had to make a presidential-type denial: It is not Muslim. The building under construction will feature a domed ceiling, and protesters have taken that as a sign the church is not what it says it is. The leaders have hung up a sign saying, “We are building a Christian house of worship,” the Atlantic reports...

“I have nothing against Islamic people,” Carlos Montemayor, the pastor of the church, said in a phone interview. But local commentary had been growing, saying that the building was a mosque and an investigation should be launched into the church. He put the sign up to stop the comments.

One Comment on “We’re Not Muslims! (Not That There’s Anything Wrong With Them…)”

  1. Muhannad says:

    You made me laugh.
    I am sure George Costanza would have added : no,of course not, I have a lot of Muslim friends, my father is a Muslim.

    So, everything is OK now since it is a church. I suppose the freedom to worship applies only if you belong to the right religion(s)

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