What Do You Think of Benetton’s New Ad Campaign?

From the website of Benetton’s newly created “Unhate Foundation:”

The UNHATE Foundation, desired and founded by the Benetton Group, seeks to contribute to the creation of a new culture of tolerance, to combat hatred, building on Benetton’s underpinning values. It is another important step in the group’s social responsibility strategy: not a cosmetic exercise, but a contribution that will have a real impact on the international community, especially through the vehicle of communication, which can reach social players in different areas.

The Foundation will organise initiatives involving different stakeholders, from the new generations to the institutions, international organisations and NGOs, through to civil society.

The Foundation also aims to be a think tank, attracting personalities and talents from the fields of culture, economy, law and politics, and people who have gone from simple citizens to leaders of movements, distinguishing themselves through their ideas and actions against the causes and effects of hatred.

If the pairing of Abu Mazen and Bibi aren’t your cup of tea, the campaign also includes other pix of unlikely political smooching partners…

(h/t Susan Klonsky)

2 thoughts on “What Do You Think of Benetton’s New Ad Campaign?

  1. Steve Hinman

    On a lighter note….that is one serious combover Bibi has going. On a more cynical note…Benetton can call it what they want, it is still an advertisment for a luxury brand that caters to the top 1%. I wonder what the Occupy Wall Street crowd will have to say about it…

  2. Dave

    Don’t you think there’s something unethical about their creating a charity for their ads? Of course the name Benetton appears there.

    In the past when they did similar ‘shocking’ (eg priest kissing nun) ads they had to pay for it entirely by themselves. Now they may get others to make (tax-deductible) contributions.

    What am I saying. Hey, rabbi, why don’t you pitch in. Come on. its a great idea. Go ahead.


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