For Yom Hashoah: A Palestinian Meditation on the Holocaust

In recognition of Holocaust Remembrance Day, please read these words of Ahmed Tibi, a Palestinian citizen of Israel and member of Knesset, who offered the following words before the Israeli Parliament in 2010:

This is the place and the time to cry out the cries of all of those who were and are no longer with us, the cries of those who have remained and who are struggling, justifiably so, to unburden themselves from the scenes of death and horror. I will once again repeat that I am full of empathy for the families of the victims of the Holocaust wherever they may be around the world, including those with whom I live on the same land, in the same country.

This is the moment in which every individual must relieve oneself of all of his nationalist or religious hats, relieve oneself of the otherness and wear just one robe: the robe of humanity. One must look at himself, look around him, and be human. Only human.

Full speech here.

2 thoughts on “For Yom Hashoah: A Palestinian Meditation on the Holocaust

  1. Robert

    Super. Also, the Japanese need to stop thinking about just Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and focus on their humanity. And what about all those Pol Pat survivors. They should just think about being human and forget their particular Cambodianess. Everyone should just forget about their nationalism when they have been targeted as a national group. That way we don’t have to consider the particular circumstances and learn anything really valuable for the future. Oh, and no doubt Mr. Tibi will call off Naqba Day. Way too nationalist!


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