Talking JRC and AFSC on WBEZ: My Interview with “The Morning Shift”

MicI had the pleasure this morning of being interviewed by Chicago Public Radio’s Jason Marck for the “The Morning Shift” program on WBEZ.

Here’s their description of our conversation:

After 17 years as the rabbi and spiritual leader at JRC-The Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation in Evanston–Rabbi Brant Rosen conducted his last service on December 19th. His views, work, and words on the Israel/Palestine issue caused deep rifts among the members at JRC, and Rosen ultimately believed it was best for himself and the community that he resign. Rosen joins us to talk about the decision, the controversies, and his new job with the American Friends Service Committee.

Click here to give a listen.

10 thoughts on “Talking JRC and AFSC on WBEZ: My Interview with “The Morning Shift”

  1. shermin kruse

    Dear Rabbi Rosen – I had the pleasure of sitting next to you at the Human Rights Watch dinner (I was Mimi’s guest). I greatly enjoyed hearing you on NPR this morning. I have several great Quaker friends who are very much looking forward to your leadership. Stay well, and stay the course.

  2. Sarah Q. Malone

    Thank you, Rabbi Brant. I have reposted this, as well as your wonderful tribute to Rabbi Leonard Beerman, to Facebook.

    Peace and blessings,

  3. kumarjavvaji

    I caught the end of this segment on my way to work. Your statements are a refreshing departure from the narratives I’m used to hearing from most other broadcasters. I appreciate that you didn’t succumb to pressures to conform. And I appreciate wbez for bringing you on.

  4. Nina Raskin

    Dear Brant,
    I was moved by your honesty and bravery in telling the story of the evolution of your understanding of Israel and the Palestinian people. You continue to be my lode star for courage and spiritual leadership.
    Nina Raskin

  5. Rich K.

    Brant, thanks for sharing your thoughts with WBEZ’s audience. Your remarks were cogent and sensitive to all the difficult issues that you’ve grappled with these past few years. They need to be brought to the attention of a larger community. I wish you much success in working for AFSC and for continuing to pursue justice around the world.

  6. 2skipper

    Although your leaving JRC as my rabbi has been a most painful process for myself and my family, I am happy for you that you may have found the right fit for your needs politically. I know you have struggles with the terrible attack on you personally from a small group of angry and determined congregants to have you removed from the vast majority that have supported your social actions and your dynamic leadership as our rabbi. it has been a very sad leaving but it probably was the best thing for you and your family. As I know I will continue to see you, I know that you will bring much to your new position and will have even a greater impact on your beliefs and not have to deal with others who oppose.

    Thank you for everything you have been to my family and to the world community Brant. Happy new year and on to the next journey.

  7. Sally Campbell

    Dear Rabbi Brant, Just to let you know we have been following you and Shalom Rav for years now and well remember your critical turning point during the gruesome “Operation Cast Lead” in 2008. We are Canadian solidarity activists, living on a small island off the coast of BC, and non-Jewish allies and members of JVP. Thank you for beginning the JVP Rabbinical Council! We wish we could come to the JVP conference in Baltimore this year and among other things, meet you in person, but alas, not this time. We want you to know we will always be part of your “congregation”; you have just expanded your boundaries! With great respect and gratitude for your courage and leadership, all good wishes, Sally Campbell

  8. Shelly

    Funny how you can call Boehner a traitor by posting an article about going around Obama. I like to ask you, “Rabbi”, do you have a mirror in your home?


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